After your operation

Immediately after your operation you will wake up in the recovery room. Depending on if you have any pre-existing heart or lung problems we might keep you in the intensive care unit for the first night following surgery. Your anaesthetist will provide you with adequate analgesia to make you feel comfortable.

The nursing staff will regularly check your blood pressure, pulse rate, oxygen saturation, and respiratory rate. You will also have your blood sugar levels checked regularly. Dr Free see's all of his patients following surgery at least once per day, usually more often. If you or the nursing staff at any time have any particular concerns in the ward, Dr Free or an appropriately trained associate will be able to see you at short notice.

It is important to follow a strict dietary regime following your surgery. To read about your dietary regime following surgery please read tour guide:

Post operation dietary information Post operation dietary information (831 KB)

Most medications can be continued immediately after the operation however we will go through your medication list and make sure they are suitable. You may notice that after a gastric bypass operation within hours or days you may need to dramatically reduce your diabetic medications, and often eliminate them completely within days. After most weight loss operations you will usually be able to reduce or eliminate the amount of antihypertensive medications you may be taking, this effect usually takes weeks. We will liaise with your GP or specialist dealing with these medications following the surgery.

We encourage you to walk and excercise as soon as possible after the operation. Our excercise physiologist will discuss what you are able to do to keep you fit & healthy.

We usually expect that you will stay in hospital for about 2 nights following a sleeve gastrectomy, and 1-2 nights following a gastric bypass operation. We ask that you stay in the Gold Coast area for at least 1 week following your surgery if you have travelled from a regional area.

At discharge from hospital we will contact your GP and relevant specialists caring for you.

We will also contact you within a week following your surgery to check on your progress.

An appointment will be made for you to see us in our clinic at about 2-3 weeks following the surgery. If you live away from the Gold Coast we can arrange a telehealth consultation if you are feeling well enough to stay at home. At this stage we also like you to see our in house dietitian.

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