Hernia surgery

Hernias involve a defect in the abdominal wall, of which part of your internal organs can bulge through this defect causing a lump you can feel under your skin.  Most of the time they are annoying and don’t cause any major problems however they can cause the bowel to become stuck and damaged.

Most hernias arise in the groin in men (inguinal hernia), and are also common in the umbilicus. For inguinal hernias we perform a laparoscopic (keyhole) hernia repair, this involves a small incision near the umbilicus and two smaller incisions lower down. A Laparoscopic hernia repair causes less discomfort, and allows you to get back to your normal lifestyle and work much faster than an open repair. An umbilical hernia repair usually involves a small open incision about 3cm long just above or below your umbilicus.  This causes minimal discomfort and you can normally return to your usual activities quickly.

Some people have incisional hernias, that is a hernia relating to a wound from a previous operation. These tend to be larger however most of the time we can repair them with keyhole surgery. Occasionally they can be complicated involving parts of the intestine.

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