Preparation for Surgery

In the weeks leading up to your operation it is important to maintain a fit & healthy lifestyle.

For 2 weeks before your surgery date you will need to go on a special low calorie diet designed to reduce the size of your liver (unless otherwise instructed by your surgeon, clinic nurse or dietitian). This program allows better access by the surgeon to your stomach during surgery. We recommend the Optifast intensive phase weight loss formulation for 2 weeks. It is designed for rapid, initial, effective weight loss. The only sources of nutrition during this Phase are 3 Optifast® VLCD™ Products and two cups of low starch vegetables, plus one teaspoon of oil, providing less than 800 calories per day. Two litres of water should also be consumed each day.

Learn more about Optifast.

Our dietitian will give you more detailed information about this. If you are diabetic you may have to adjust your diabetic medication, and the doctor in charge of your diabetes will be able to advise you specifically on this.

In our clinic we have a dietitian, psychologist, and exercise physiologist who we ask to see you before an operation.

It is extremely important to avoid smoking before your operation as this dramatically reduces your body's healing capacity, and is associated with many complications after your operation.

There are some medications which should be stopped before your surgery. If you are taking any blood thinning operations you will need to stop these. Most medications can be continued throughout the operation period. We will go through these with you when you visit us before the surgery date. We will liaise with your GP or cardiologist if there are any specific concerns.

We will arrange certain blood tests and any other required investigations which may be needed before your operation.

We often arrange for you to be seen at the hospitals pre-admission clinic a few days before the operation to make sure you are fit & well to proceed with the procedure. Any final issues will be dealt with then to ensure a smooth journey.

You will be required to fast for a certain time before your operation. If your procedure is planned for the morning, you will need to fast from midnight the night before. If your procedure is planned in the afternoon, often you will be allowed a light breakfast.

You can contact our friendly staff at any stage leading up to your operation if you have any specific questions at any stage.

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